Second Day

One of my friends did me a favour recently which really touched me. I have just started a new job which pays a bit more than I earned. Unfortunately, it meant that I lost my benefits and the Local Council wanted £1500 paid back. This was a bit of a blow because the loss of benefits meant I was definitely no better off. Worse in fact in terms of time at least, possibly a little in cash. Anyway, I needed my windows washed and got Lloyd to do them. When we were having a cup of tea afterwards, we got talking and Lloyd refused to take any money because of what had happened. I was really touched. Last month. I earned extra money marking scripts. I had enough for my needs and a little left over. So I was wondering what to do with with it. I saw some toys being advertised and decided to buy them for their children who are adorable. It was worth it, just to see the look on Liz’s Lloyd’s face. Even better, they were planning on giving some duplicates to their friends and a present for me…. 🙂

My Resolution For The Future

I have been thinking over the last few weeks what I should decide as a New Year’s Resolution. Exercising? Being more patient with the kids? Eating better? Then, I read  read an article about a man who did a good deed everyday and also looked at a website about paying it forward. I was  loathe initially to copy someone else but having pondered over it for a while, I decided I would start a Pay it Forward campaign for myself, doing a good deed everyday, not just for a year but for as long as I can keep it up.  What also gave this an impetus was that a friend started participating in a Pay It Forward scheme where she was going to do a random good deed for 5 people over the year. I will be participating in that too.

I suppose one of the reasons for doing this is that my life is not the easiest at the moment and there is a lot that could be improved. Sometimes this makes me depressed and it’s an effort to do the household tasks and concentrate on my work. Maybe doing a good deed would change my outlook and energise me.

Okay, so my first good deed was taking a bottle of wine to my neighbour – just because they are nice people and I can go talk to them about stuff when I am fed up. Charlie and I sat and sorted out the world, the topic of conversation being Right Wing Groups, Islamophoboa, Extremists and Social Media. At the end of our conversation and my cup of tea, I was feeling a lot happier and closer to Charlie.